GIX’s Revolutionary Dark Fiber Route Goes Live, Redefining Connectivity Across the Hudson River

GIX’s Revolutionary Dark Fiber Route Goes Live, Redefining Connectivity Across the Hudson River

July 9, 2024

NEW YORK — July 9, 2024 — Global InterXchange, LLC (GIX), proudly announces its revolutionary dark fiber route is live, marking the first privately owned, carrier-neutral installation across the Hudson River in two decades, spanning the Hudson River and linking key integration hubs 60 Hudson Street in New York and 165 Halsey Street in New Jersey. This milestone leverages cutting-edge fiber technologies and equipment, cementing a pioneering public-private partnership with the Port Authority of NY and NJ. GIX’s new, high-speed network represents a historic leap in cross-Hudson connectivity, bolstering redundancy and diversity between Lower Manhattan and Northern New Jersey.

“The activation of our historic dark fiber route not only sets a new standard for connectivity across the Hudson River,” said Joe Falco, President of GIX, “but also delivers reliable, high-speed connectivity that empowers local businesses, communities and global companies through enhanced infrastructure, fostering growth and innovation.”

The new GIX dark fiber route ensures the lowest latency and lightning-fast data transmission, with two unique paths into 60 Hudson Street, significantly boosting network diversity and resilience for financial, telecom, hyperscalers and colocation facilities. This network reduces the total cost of ownership and enables hyperscalers, wholesalers, and resellers to provide additional services on a unique diverse route through the PATH tunnel. End-to-end Prysmian fiber cable featuring Corning® SMF-28® Ultra glass guarantees superior network performance, minimal splice points, enhancing operational efficiency, and reducing latency with fortified physical security. “Data has become a critical aspect of business and trade in this age of AI, with growing volumes of data driving the need for seamless transport of that data,” said PATH Project Manager Paul Lombardi. “This work ensures we can support the modernization of critical infrastructure to support current and future digital requirements and attract cutting-edge businesses.”

Key highlights of the newly activated dark fiber network include:

  • Two unique routes throughout Lower Manhattan for reduced latency and enhanced reliability between 60 Hudson and 165 Halsey.
  • A cutting-edge Southernmost Hudson River Dark Fiber crossing, offering dependable high-speed connectivity for regional growth and innovation.
  • 1.4 miles of fiber cables through PATH tunnels linking Lower Manhattan and Jersey City.
  • 8,000 feet of buried greenfield fiber that spans across Jersey City, Kearny and Newark.
  • State-of-the-art manhole systems with dual-locking lids for superior physical security.
  • 16-ton flood gates on both sides of the Hudson River secure PATH Tunnel infrastructure. 
  • Advanced glass technology at the rack level minimizes potential lag issues.
  • A reduced number of high-capacity fiber splice points enhances operational efficiency.
  • Capabilities for network augmentation to existing structures, balancing CapEx and OpEx expenditures.
  • A low cost of infrastructure ownership offsets costs, ensuring stability in operational expenses.
  • Swift deployment increases operational efficiency, minimizing deployment time and costs.
  • The end-to-end buried fiber cable was designed to withstand extreme weather and meet federal security standards post-9/11.

With a clear vision for the future, GIX plans to expand further into additional tunnels with the Port Authority, to continue redefining connectivity standards. This commitment to innovation ensures that resellers, wholesalers, global carriers, hyperscalers, AI companies, and financial institutions will continue to benefit from reliable, high-speed connectivity. Looking ahead, GIX remains dedicated to addressing connectivity challenges in hard-to-reach areas, ensuring rapid deployment, higher performance, availability and market readiness.

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About GIX

GIX is a dark fiber provider focused on serving Manhattan and New Jersey with diverse routes between major local exchanges. The current focus of GIX is the backbone route from 165 Halsey 9th floor MMR in New Jersey to 60 Hudson at HudIX, NYI, Databank, Digital Realty and QTD in Manhattan via the southernmost Hudson crossing with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Visit for more information.

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