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Discover What GIX Can Do To Service Your Data Transport Requirements

Expert Network Management

Our Network Management services offer a single point of contact for comprehensive service management, tapping into GIX’s networking expertise. From basic installation, maintenance, and configuration to handling complex security issues, we provide full support for your network at all levels.

Managing a network can be overwhelming for any organization, demanding time and a skilled team. Let GIX handle your network management, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities.

Enhanced Capacity

Transform your network into an asset with our Dark Fiber networks that offer limitless bandwidth at a fixed cost. Enjoy complete control, top-notch security, and customized connectivity to suit your needs.

Our advanced capacity solutions cater to your organization’s growing networking demands. Let our expert team evaluate your current network usage and devise strategies to increase reliability and performance.

Experience minimal downtime with diverse routing options that enable multiple paths between locations, ensuring redundancy for uninterrupted connectivity.

Diverse Routing Solutions

Flexibility is a key factor when it comes to choosing a network infrastructure. GIX offers extensive flexibility to support many configurations, services, and applications.

One of the major benefits of this flexibility is the ability to customize your network according to your specific needs. Whether you require high bandwidth for data-intensive applications or low latency for real-time communication, GIX’s infrastructure allows for customization to meet your unique requirements.

The flexibility of GIX’s dark fiber network provides added resilience to your infrastructure. By leveraging unique rights-of-way, our network can withstand potential disruptions and maintain uninterrupted service for your business needs.

Equipment Management

Our service gives you complete autonomy over equipment management, enabling you to monitor and optimize network performance, address issues promptly, and upgrade or replace equipment as needed. This level of control boosts efficiency reduces downtime, and trims maintenance costs for your network operations.

Points of Presence

Discover Where GIX Currently POP’s

165 Halsey Street

SE Halsey Street
(POE Through Secured Vault)


Worth Street (GIX Dedicated)
Thomas Street (Shared POE)
West Side Hwy (Manhole to Manhole)
Jersey City (GIX Dedicated Manhole to Manhole)

60 Hudson Street

Extensive Footprint and Ecosystem throughout multiple floors
GIX (Dedicated 4 inch riser from the POE through the basement extending up to the 12th floor)

Fiber Infrastructure

Explore Our Dark Fiber Infrastructure

Phase 1
End to End Route

  • A Location 60 Hudson Street
  • Path Tunnel F
  • Z Location 165 Halsey Street

NJ Route

  • 9th Floor MMR 2 at 165 Halsey
  • MH outside of Exchange Place PATH Station
  • Fully secured, buried, with our own GIX manholes for splicing and future

Tunnel Routes

  • Route to ECS Manhole in Lower Manhattan
  • Path Tunnel F
  • Route To GIX Manhole in Jersey City

NYC Routes

  • Eastern Route: 60 Hudson POE on Thomas Street
  • Central Route: 60 Hudson POE on Worth Street
  • Western Route: ECS Manhole in Lower Manhattan


As GIX expansions advance, our maps are continually updated. To request the latest version, please provide your details below.