Delivering ReliableDiverseHigh-speed Dark Fiber

Through our cutting-edge Southernmost Hudson River Dark Fiber crossing, we offer dependable high-speed connectivity to enable growth and innovation in businesses and communities within the region.

165 Halsey Street

SE Halsey Street
(POE Through Secured Vault)


Worth Street (GIX Dedicated)
Thomas Street (Shared POE)
West Side Hwy (Manhole to Manhole)
Jersey City (GIX Dedicated Manhole to Manhole)

60 Hudson Street

Extensive Footprint and Ecosystem throughout multiple floors
GIX (Dedicated 4 inch riser from the POE through the basement extending up to the 12th floor)

Points of Presence

About Us

Connecting Businesses and Communities

Discover the reasons why GIX is poised to become the next big name in the world of fiber optic infrastructure.

  • Experience the Southernmost Diverse Hudson River Crossing, equipped with cutting-edge optical data transport technology and newly manufactured high-capacity optical fiber.
  • We are the only private company constructing a diverse and redundant dark fiber infrastructure in Lower Manhattan.
  • Upon completion, our Hudson River Crossing will offer unrivaled connectivity to essential financial, telecom, and colocation facilities in Northern New Jersey and lower Manhattan. Experience the lowest latency possible, ensuring seamless and efficient operations for your business.
Trenched between Jersey City & Newark installing our own duct system to accommodate two high-capacity dark fiber routes.
Miles of multiple fiber cables pulled over 1.2 miles through the PATH tunnels, connecting Lower Manhattan and Jersey City
unique routes
Three unique routes throughout Lower Manhattan. Each route provides our clients with additional diversity and lower latency between 60 Hudson and 165 Halsey
Ton Flood Gate
PATH Tunnel infrastructure secured by 16 Ton Flood Gates on both sides of the Hudson River

Why Choose GIX

Unveiling The Future of Connectivity

Discover What GIX Can Do To Service Your Data Transport Requirements

Network Management Excellence

Our Network Management services provide a single point of contact for comprehensive service management, enabling you to leverage GIX’s networking expertise effectively.

Flexible Infrastructure

Our infrastructure offers the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of configurations, services, and applications. GIX's dark fiber network utilizes exclusive rights-of-way, enhancing the resilience of your infrastructure.

Empowering Unlimited Connectivity

Unlock the power of virtually unlimited bandwidth with Dark Fiber networks. Experience the freedom to control and secure your network while capitalizing on its potential as a valuable asset. Tailored to your unique connectivity needs, Dark Fiber offers fixed costs and unparalleled control, making it the ideal solution for optimizing your network infrastructure.

Autonomous Network Empowerment

Empower customers with in-house optical expertise to autonomously oversee their network infrastructure, while provides the flexibility to choose the most suitable equipment to effectively support their diverse applications.

Fiber Infrastructure

Explore Our Dark Fiber Infrastructure

Each route provides our clients with additional diversity and lower latency between 60 Hudson Street and 165 Halsey Street

Phase 1
End to End Route

  • A Location 60 Hudson Street
  • Path Tunnel F
  • Z Location 165 Halsey Street

NJ Route

  • 9th Floor MMR 2 at 165 Halsey
  • MH outside of Exchange Place PATH Station
  • Fully secured, buried, with our own GIX manholes for splicing and future

Tunnel Routes

  • Route to ECS Manhole in Lower Manhattan
  • Path Tunnel F
  • Route To GIX Manhole in Jersey City

NYC Routes

  • Eastern Route: 60 Hudson POE on Thomas Street
  • Central Route: 60 Hudson POE on Worth Street
  • Western Route: ECS Manhole in Lower Manhattan


As GIX expansions advance, our maps are continually updated. To request the latest version, please provide your details below.